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YES Student Products: 1994-95
Student Product Catagories
Astronomy: 2
Educational program on orbits of comets (research paper)
Educational program and model on the Jupiter-comet impact
Computer Science: 7
Artificial intelligence program for generating characters for role playing games
Artificial intelligence program for generating room arrangements for role-playing games or landscape/home planning
Artificial intelligence tutorial on theory of relativity
Virtual Reality tour of the 1836 Battle of the Alamo
Tutorial for improving computer literacy
Artificial intelligence tutorial for high jumb athletes
Electronics resources commerce on World Wide Web
Mechanical Engineering: 4
Vehicle Aerodynamics: implementation of a car spoiler
The Oilless Engine (research paper)
Design and construction of a model hovercraft
Degisn and construction of a wind tunnel for model cars
Aerospace Engineering: 1
Electronics circuit for atmospheric probe to transmit temperature and pressure changes
Electrical Engineering: 4
Data processing and display for eliminating noise
Thermoelectric heating and cooling system for vehicle
Multiplexor design and circuit: Photonics
Maintaining electrical components for complex circuits
Environmental Engineering: 7
Public awareness of common pesticides (brochure)
Home composting awareness (brochure)
Disposal of nuclear waste (brochure)
Biodegradation chamber for SwRI waste disposal
Public awarenss of ozone and its effects (brochure)
Urban Heat Island: Data collection and display
Waste water research proposal for SwRI
Mathematics: 2
Decompression of fractals computer program
Student/Teacher use of graphing calculators (workbook)
Biomedical: 4
Children's book on asthma for primary ages
Design of neurobehavioral instrumentation (research paper)
Baboon Gingivities (research paper and pamphlet)
Reducing catheter causing infection (research paper)